Andreas Dermanis: Biography

Andreas Dermanis is a self-shooting film-maker based between London and Athens, experienced in directing, editing and delivering content. With an initial grounding in entertainment television, he moved towards human story focussed content, creating a number of films in Greece. His work has been commissioned and broadcast by a number of channels including ANT1, BBC, C4, MTV, The Royal Academy of Arts and Vice.

Premiered through Greek channel ANT1 in June, Andreas released his first long-form documentary 'Andi'. The film was shot in Greece and Albania and discusses the theme of national identity through the eyes of the actor Nikos Gelia. He was part of a generation of Albanians that due to the internal conflict in the country,  found themselves migrating to start a new life elsewhere.

'Andi' forms part of a wider plan to specialise in content across the Balkan region. His next feature 'Lost Youth' incorporates Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and is currently in pre-production.