MC Yinka was born and lives in Athens, a city which provides daily inspiration for his anti-establishment rap.

We met MC Yinka in the neighborhood where he spent all his childhood together with his brother and talked with him about his life as a second-generation Greek, the racism he received as he grew up, but how he expresses these experiences through rap. 

In this episode, Yinka, together with his brother MC Micle Afolayan, show us their neighbourhood, chat about their life experiences, show us the cultural center they opened called "Anasha" which educates people about African culture and perform together for the first time in 3 years.


Director: Andreas Dermanis

Producer: Katerina Vassiliou

DOP: Jonathan Dibley

Assistant Camera: Alexandros Stigkas

Sounnd: Aris Athanasopoulos

Editor: Tryfon Karatzinas

Production Company: Vice Greece

1X Sony FS7, 1X Sony A7

Documentary, 10 minutes